Paymogy and VeloTee Team Up to Launch An Innovative, One-of-a-Kind Player Improvement Sports Bag In The Massive Youth Sports Market.


NASHVILLE, TN May 25, 2021 (PR NEWSWIRE). Paymogy, LLC, a firm that advises, owns and operates SaaS businesses and start-ups across a variety of industries, announced today its strategic partnership with VeloTee, a new entrant in the $15BN youth sports market that, according to a 2019 Wintergreen Research report, includes more than 25MM amateur players and 1.5MM coaches in the US alone, with another estimated 10MM+ players and 700k coaches overseas. VeloTee will target players, coaches, instructors and parents of kids of all ages and skill levels, male and female, with its new sports bag that was created by a player and coach, for players and coaches. Paymogy has, and will continue to support VeloTee from both a funding, operational and strategic advisory perspective.

VeloTee Founder & CEO, Jeremy Hazen, commented “I am super excited and extremely grateful to be teaming up with Paymogy to get this product to market. It has been nothing short of an obsession for me to have this bat bag come to life. Growing up with my dad coaching collegiately, I’ve been immersed in the game of baseball ever since I could walk. That love and passion has allowed me to help coach and instruct athletes of all ages over the past 16 years. Partnering with Vaden and the team has been such a great experience. The drive, determination, and dedication they bring to the table is unmatched. VeloTee is on the right path and we feel confident in the group of individuals in place to hit whatever curve balls head our way. Pun intended.”

VeloTee is unlike any other bat or equipment bag on the market. It is shaped like a home plate, which during tee work, orients a hitter to the plate while the three inside, over-the-plate, and away pitch location tee slots provide players the opportunity to hone their skills with every swing. Inside there is plenty of room for baseballs/softballs, cleats, gloves, helmets and other gear. Outside there are three bat sleeves and a tee holder, as well as plenty of pockets for batting gloves and other player necessities. There’s also a zipper compartment where fence hooks are tucked away, and a place to store rubber bases for drills, in addition to a scorebook or tablet. This is a truly revolutionary patent pending invention and it is already being met with tremendous excitement as the company has, at the time of this announcement, officially launched its website and online store at, and is selling a limited number of bags as part of a “Pre-Release” promotion to kick off its formal product launch.

Commenting on the news, Paymogy CEO Vaden Landers said, “Growing up playing baseball my whole life until about age 25, and later coaching recreationally, I was naturally drawn to this project. Jeremy’s passion for the game and teaching kids is off the charts, and it was that passion and experience that drove him to develop VeloTee. When I first had the opportunity to see the bag, put my hands on it, and actually hit some balls off the tee, my first question to Jeremy was, ‘why would a kid want to carry around a bag that just holds your stuff when they can carry a bag that actually makes you better?’ In that moment the company’s tagline, The Bag That Makes You Better was born. Landers concluded, “What Jeremy has created will resonate with anyone who has ever played or coached the game of baseball or softball. It is truly innovative and I am excited to be a part of bringing VeloTee to market.”

VeloTee is already in discussions with numerous strategic distribution parners whereby the bag would be offered more broadly online, in training facilities across the country, and in retail stores. To that end, VeloTee has teamed up with online baseball and softball training content provider, Stick & Ball TV, an on-demand subscription platform for coaches, parents and players. For a limited time, every pre-order of a VeloTee bag will include a Free 3-month subscription to Stick & Ball TV, further enhancing the player improvement and development mission that is the driving force behind VeloTee.

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